An Important Note about the ATDC

Hello. My name is James Mills, a.k.a. "Kurzov", and I am the "founder" of the ATDC. I'd like to make sure that I tell you some important things about the ATDC. Firstly, the ATDC is not an official source of hurricane information. That responsibility goes to the National Hurricane Center. Secondly, I am not a trained meterologist. I am just typing out my predictions and putting it in places where such things are at least somewhat friendly to it. If the advisory that I just issued is overly confusing, disregard my advisory and make your decisions using the forecasts of the NHC. Thusly, I disclaim all responsibility, implied or explicit, for your preparedness actions (or lack of them). To keep a long legalese paragraph short, I'm not responsible for your actions based on what I told you in my advisories, and I'm not at fault for any losses you may find yourself dealing with as a result of the tropical systems that I write about in my advisories and summaries!

Thank you for the understanding.
- James 'Kurzov' Mills

If the internet at-large was better at understanding what I just typed out above, I wouldn't have to put the legalese down below. But since it likely isn't, I should. Just in case. The legalese follows this sentence.


Last updated: August 07, 2018

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