Tutorial: How to properly set up
the Neko Project II emulator to work with Touhou

originally written by Feeva (of the Moriya Shrine Discord Server)

Step 1: Downloading and extracting NP2 (Neko Project II)

To download Neko Project II (henceforth referred to as NP2), go to this webpage: http://nenecchi.kirara.st/#PC-98, and download the version of np2fmgen.7z that has the newest "last modified" date, which should be at the top of the (second) list. When this downloads, extract the compressed folder using your favorite de-archiving software. 7Zip and WinRAR are recommended for this, but other software that can read and extract 7zip compressed folders will work just as well. The program that you need to open is named np21nt.exe. If need be, open the program in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

Step 2: Emulation Configuration

Once np21nt.exe opens, go to the Emulate tab, then select Configure. Change the following settings:

  • CPU Clock Speed: 2.4576MHz "x 48" or higher. Weak computers may be able to get away with "x 32".
  • Sound Buffer: 100ms or less
  • LPF: Enabled
  • QFM: Enabled
  • Sampling Rate: 44k or higher
  • When you are finished, the "Configure" screen should look like this:

    Click OK. Then, go to the Device tab, then select Memory. Set the memory to at least 13.6MB. Click OK again. Next, go to the Screen tab, then select Screen Option. Enable the Use Skipline Revisions option, and set the ratio to the maximum value (255). Hit OK once you are finished. Now, reset the emulator by going to the Emulate tab, then selecting Reset.

    The next two images will show the correct settings for each of the previous two screens, respectively. If I did not mention a setting that you see in the images, it can safely be left at the default.

    Step 3: Final Configuration

    IMMEDIATELY after you reset the emulator, hold the "END" key on your keyboard until you get to a screen that looks like this:

    (screen courtesy of Feeva)

    Go to the second option and press ENTER.

    (screen courtesy of Feeva)

    Scroll down using the up and down arrows until you reach the GDCクロック option. Once you reach this point, press the right arrow. If this is done correctly, the highlighted option should read "2.5MHz". Then, highlight 終了 and hit enter. To finish it off, highlight 終了 and hit enter again. Finally, go to Harddisk, then IDE #0. This is where you select your .hdi or .t98 files. When you select your game, go to Emulation, then "Reset", and enjoy!

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