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Touhou Gensosei ~ Western Warning of Jinyou's Power

A Touhou Project-inspired EAS Scenario by KURZOV



"If it exists, it has a Touhou Project crossover."
"If such a thing does not exist yet, it will be made."
"No exceptions."
   - Rules (9) and (9).1 of the Internet.

Banksy, the British artist, once spoke of the second death, when someone's name is said for the final time. With the world as connected, surveilled, and recorded as it is today, some people will never be forgotten - for better or for worse.

The same could not be said for the once feared creatures and little-believed deities of the early days of humans. Or could it?

It is said that a land, hidden behind the joint barrier of a forgotten priestess and one of these formerly feared creatures, still exists, for those left by the world...

This land, given the name Gensoukyou by those who lived in it, and once believed to be located in what is now Japan, was separated from our own world in the late 1800s, and has, ever since, tantalized those who believe in the existence of magic, those who feel that they no longer have purpose in our world, and perhaps even a disgraced professor or two.

About 6 years ago, a fortune teller transformed into a creature to be feared. This fortune teller is soon after chased down, and made an example of, via extermination, by the current priestess, who herself is a distant descendant of the priestess who helped to create The Barrier. It seems that all was well, and the trouble was over.

Unfortunately, that would not be the case forever.


The roots of Gensosei can, partially, still be found, under the label of MEWS. MEWS was an experimental copy-and-paste job of mine relating to a hypothetical EAS system in Makai. Before that, there was Project Kakaidan. This project would have been a retelling of Touhou Kakaidan, better known as Mystic Square, in the style of a modern EAS scenario. Originally this was to be released on my original channel, but when I moved to a new (now current) channel in 2019, I decided to permanently halt the project.


STAGE 0: Wayward Gaps, Strange Sights

The Fortune Teller finally makes a break for it. Just in time for a friend of that darn priestess to be looking.

STAGE 1A: Distant World's Loosest Hangers Cross to our Own

Despite Gensoukyou being a place for those forgotten by the world, even this land has its hangers-on and little-known individuals. Being a creature whose entire concept has crossed the separate barrier into the world of pop-culture certainly couldn't hurt your chances of escaping into reality. Two of these creatures find themselves in the mountainous city of Asheville, with little notoriety to their names... this will not do. (Good thing there's a convention going on.)

STAGE 1B: Flying Creatures of Blue Ridge Mountains
STAGE 1C: Darkness in Coal Mine ~ Sonanoka?
STAGE 2A: The 100-Year Abandoned Bridge Finds Life

One of the more common nicknames of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the City of Bridges, owing to its countless elevation-traversing structures which carry vehicles, pedestrians, and cargo. It would be a shame if they left a perfectly good bridge go abandoned for a century...

STAGE 2B: Celestial's Quake
STAGE 2C: The Priestess and the Firework Seller

The Priestess of Gensokyo is on a hunt for the fortune teller she thought she neutralized 6 years prior, even at the risk to the land her predecessors helped to form... The first two she encounters on her hunt is a firework salesman named Blaise, and his coworker Valerie.

STAGE 3A: The Eternal Feud Meets Redding
STAGE 3B: Jealousy Monster
STAGE 3C: Harvest Scourge
STAGE 4: Deep Red Fog over Biltmore
STAGE 5A: Rising Tools
STAGE 7: Battles of Bullets in the Sky
STAGE 8: The Humans' Last-Ditch Effort
STAGE 9: End of Barrier
STAGE EX: For the Eastern Story ~ Western Nightmare

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