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Hello. I'm Kurzov, and this is my website.

Touhou Project and Adjacencies

Touhou Tutorials
This is the stuff my site gets the clicks for, to be frank. So it comes first.
[IMAGE] Windows-Era Touhou Troubleshooting
Western computers can have trouble running Touhou games. This page lists some common issues that you may run into when trying to play Touhou, and how to solve those issues.
[IMAGE] Neko Project II (PC-98 Emulator)
The first five Touhou games were developed and sold for the NEC PC-9800 series of personal computers, a format incompatible with Western systems. Neko Project II can help you play these early games, but you'll have to do some setup first. This is a step-by-step instruction guide on how to do just that.
[IMAGE] Working with THCRAP
Since no Touhou game has yet to provide a "good" translation that the fanbase can agree on (most have none at all), fan translation projects have to pick up the slack. THCRAP is the community's answer for the official games - it's autoupdating, supports game modding, and has lots of other fun stuff like patch stacking, fighting game translations, and even Mima (finally!). Sometimes THCRAP can be a bit... troublesome, so I made this guide to help you get the most out of this piece of software.

Touhou Secondary Works
Some Touhou fanworks that I find enjoyable. Some are mine, others are not.
[IMAGE] Touhou Gensosei: Western Warning of Jinyou's Power by Kurzov
Rule (9): "If it exists, it has a Touhou crossover. If it doesn't exist yet, someone will make one." A Touhou fanwork told (mostly) through the eyes of the United States' Emergency Alert System, famous for its harsh and mechanical tones warning of weather, security, and public hazards. (Note 1/10/24 - This thing is getting some serious reworking. I'm in the planning stages right now.)
[IMAGE] RiG Series by HakureiDeity
Through unfortunate circumstances, a human finds themselves inside Gensokyo with no memory of anything that came before. Things are exacerbated by them being (involuntarily) taken under the wing of a certain Yuuka Kazami, a youkai not particularly known for her love of humans, but instead for her love for battle, and in turn, violence. This results in some adventures throughout Gensokyo, meeting the residents, facing the dangers and experiencing life there, while the shadow of the past creeps closer...
Mainline: Reborn (RiG1) - Resurrected (RiG2) - Retribution (RiG3) - RiG4
Side Stories: Of Light and Darkness - Strawberry Crisis - Creator's Delusion
[IMAGE] Kisume Quest by Kurzov
During the events of Touhou 19, tsurube-otoshi youkai Kisume travels to the Ancient City with her friend (or at least the closest thing to a friend she has), earth spider youkai Yamame Kusodani. The place is a mess. Missing residents, burning buildings, the whole nine yards. The two of them are now on a mission to find some missing oni, as well as local hashihime Parsee Mizuhashi. Is the chaos a result of the events going on in "New" Hell, or is there another reason for the chaos...? Take control of Kisume and get to the bottom of all this!

Everything that doesn't really fit into any other category.
[IMAGE] The Curse Off Blog (provisional name)
In which Kurzov tries to write his own blog. Inspired by the sites ran by AJ/Tyron ("worldsbe.st") and FromJason ("The Notebook").
[IMAGE] About the Author
KURZOV: Stubborn, Shallow Human

Where's Kurzov?
So, what do I do outside of this website? A lot, actually, let me show you.
[IMAGE] Twitch
From time to time, I stream things. Temporarily on hold due to my new job.
[IMAGE] YouTube
My YouTube channel. I haven't uploaded here in quite a long time but I plan to get going again soon.
[IMAGE] Discord
I run a Discord server in concert with my Twitch page.
[IMAGE] (Ex-)Twitter
Miscellaneous ramblings.
[IMAGE] Mastoderp/Pleroma/Fedi-Verse via gayrobot.club
Other miscellaneous ramblings.